AUX 1 Power Leads w/ Contacts for Storyteller Mode 4×4




If you want to add lights or accessories to the roof of your 2021+ Storyteller Mode, this is what you need.


You already have a connector on your van from the factory, but it does not have the proper contacts or wiring installed.


These are pinned with genuine TE Deutsch connectors to flexible copper 12 AWG silicone insulated wire.


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Note: This is for the wire lead and contacts only. Gray Deutsch connector is pictured for reference only and not included. The AUX 1 circuit is rated for 20 amps — please ensure your accessories do not exceed this rating.



  1. Remove the existing connector from your roof
  2. Disassemble the connector This can be done with a pick, small screwdriver, pen, or allen wrench… any stiff small diameter object will do.
  3. Remove the two white blank pins
  4. Remove silicone weather seal (pry through one of holes but be careful not to tear it)
  5. Pop out the wedge lock by sticking your tool in the connector from the weather seal side. Make sure it’s contacting the orange part of the connector, and hit it against a firm surface.
  6. Replace the weather seal
  7. Insert pins through weather seal until you hear a clock for each pin. With the connector tab facing up, the left side should be red (positive), and the right side should be black (negative)
  8. Reinstall wedge lock
  9. Splice pigtail to your accessories
  10. You’re done!

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 1 in