N15 Design E46 M3 Electric Fan Mount


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Created specifically for the E46 M3 radiator, these fan mounts can be offset mounted as desired on the radiator, left or right. Simply mark desired location and drill mounting holes into the top and bottom rails of the radiator.

Two versions are available:

  1. For those who delete the stock AUX fan, you can reuse the stock controller to control fan speed as a function of temperature and vehicle speed. A mounting bracket is supplied for the controller.
  2. For those who already have a fan controller or are running a switched setup, a controller bracket is not necessary and is not included.

The fan will be close enough to the radiator such that a gasket will not be required and is far enough from the radiator fins as to not contact them.

The mounts are compatible with all 16″ SPAL fans and fans with the same mounting dimensions. Please check your setup’s particular clearance needs to choose the best fan profile for your application and cooling needs.

The mounts are constructed from 6061 aluminum — very lightweight and sturdy.

All necessary mounting hardware is included. Fan not included.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 3 in
Add AUX Fan Controller Bracket

Yes, No