N15 Design BMW E46 M3 Front Aero Package

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Incorporating all the aero elements for the E46 M3 from N15 Design, the front aero package is offered at a discount for those who are looking for ultimate front end downforce and engine bay cooling.

Package includes:

  • (2) Hood Outer Vents
  • (1) Hood Center Vent
  • (2) Front Fender Vents
  • Respective hardware, instructions, and cutting templates for each part

The E46 M3 hood vents were designed to bring efficiency to the cooling system while providing front downforce by evacuating high pressure air under the hood. Both function and form were considered in the design process, and the vents compliment the lines of the car. The vents are based on the vents that came on the E46 M3 GTR street car.

Placed directly behind the radiator, the N15 Design center hood vent brings additional efficiency to the cooling system while providing additional front downforce by evacuating high pressure air under the hood.

Water temperatures can drop as much as 15 degrees Fahrenheit on a warm day. For cars with adjustable rear wings, it may be necessary to add more angle to compensate for the additional front downforce for optimal balance.

The primary purpose of fender vents is to reduce lift on the front axle and drag stemming from the front wheel well area. Until now, the only such products available for the E46 M3 were integrated on expensive, ill fitting fiberglass/carbon fiber fenders which require a body shop to fit and paint.

We spent countless hours perfecting the shape and selecting the right material to achieve a good fitment. It isn’t easy designing  flat sheet metal to conform to a compound curve, but we achieved it.

Introducing the N15 Design front fender vent:

  • Reduces drag and increases front downforce
  • Form fitting design that integrates with the body lines of the E46 M3
  • Easy DIY installation


All vents ship flat and in bare unfinished aluminum. They can be bent and formed by hand to the desired angle. They can be mounted above or below the body surface, and it is recommended to paint the vents to your desired finish.



Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 3 in