S54 MAF Sensor Delete Kit w/ IAT Bung


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BMW did a very good job when they designed the stock S54 airbox. It is a true cold air intake and can support enough airflow for most N/A bolt-on mods. For those who have Alpha-N tuned S54s or done a CSL DME conversion and have retained the stock airbox, the MAF sensor and screen present a major choke point in the intake flowpath.We have designed a blanking plate that eliminates the MAF obstruction and restores the intake tract to a full diameter, smooth flowing tube.


In deleting the MAF, the MAF screen is also no longer a requirement. The MAF screen is placed right at the venturi in the upper airbox shell, and any turbulence here creates issues with laminar flow downstream. We’ve designed a spacer to fill that void to minimize turbulence.


With the MAF deleted, the DME needs an Intake Air Temperature (IAT) reading to optimize combustion. For far too long, installing an IAT relocation kit meant leaving the sensor dangling somewhere in the engine bay or drilling a hole in your airbox housing. We’ve solved this problem by adding an optional provision for an IAT sensor in the delete blank itself. The sensor protrudes minimally into the intake tract to reduce turbulence. Fits most Bosch style sensors with an M12x1.5 thread. The TTFS sensor, for example, will thread right in.


These parts are 3D printed from ABS on an industrial grade 3D printer. The model and printing layers have been optimized to ensure the part is airtight.


Note: MAF sealing o-ring not included. Reuse the one from your stock MAF. IAT sensor not included.

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Dimensions 4 × 6 × 1 in
MAF Screen Spacer

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